the interior of a small bathroom design trending this year with a black and white look

Bathroom Trends 2020: Planning To Upgrade This Year?

Are you renovating your bathroom? The first quarter is a great time to do it, because you can use the year’s latest trends for inspiration, and have a bathroom that won’t go out of style anytime soon. So for those of you researching bathroom trends in 2020, we’ve compiled a handy list with tips:

Flooring and walls

Here are some of the latest trends for your bathroom’s walls and floors. If you’re building a new bathroom for your home, it’s a great time to research options and designs, since it’s not very practical to tear down the walls and floors and re-do them later. The bathroom structure has a very big (literally) role to play in the overall look and feel, so make sure the look you choose is one you’re happy with.

a large open bathroom design with large floor tiles and bathtub

  1. Bigger is better 

Make your shower feel luxurious and airy by using large tiles for flooring. These also make cleaning easier, since there are fewer grout lines. Rectified tiles are a great option as well. Continue the theme onto the walls for a seamless, peaceful look.

  1. Cement tiles 

They’re affordable, they’re easy to clean, and they’re super stylish! Cement tile looks modern and minimalistic and brings an air of quietness that’s perfect for the bathroom. The only downside here is that concrete tiles are rather hard, and it’ll hurt if you slip and fall. They’re a lot less slippery than ceramic tile, though.

  1. No walls 

A wet room or wet bathroom is very trendy. It dispenses with the concept of a closed shower – instead, you have an open shower and a ‘wet’ bathroom. The floors are sloped, so water doesn’t get everywhere. It makes your bathroom feel more spacious, and it reduces costs dramatically. Just make sure everything in the bathroom is moisture-resistant.

Bathroom vanity

The bathroom vanity is one of the more remodel-friendly items in the bathroom, especially if you’re a fan of DIY. Here are some of the bathroom trends in 2020 pertaining to vanity design. If you want to really make sure it looks nice, you can always hire a professional to custom-make it for you. It’ll reflect your personality better, and a professionally-made vanity will last much longer.

a small bathroom with a dark colored vanity wall to wall and floating vanity sinks

  1. Floating vanities 

The modern (or futuristic, even) look is in, and floating vanities create a sleek look that perfectly complements the theme. It makes your bathroom feel more open and makes the vanity look light and not clunky.

  1. White with dark accents

The idea is to make the vanity minimalistic, but be a little different from the fade-into-the-background 2019-style vanity. So go with a white vanity that has dark accents. This could mean wood handles, a dark strip running across the top, or a pattern. Go with grey or copper for a clean look, with navy for a masculine look, wood patterns for an organic appearance, and with black for an eye-catching look.


Lights can change the ambiance of a room, affect how colors and designs are seen, and generally have a large impact on the overall appearance. Large, showy lights and chandeliers smack of glitz and glamor, while compact little LEDs are energy-efficient and modern. What’s in right now?

a closeup of the bathroom mirrors with lights behind them and two vanity sinks below

  1. Integrated lighting 

Once again, we see minimalism and futurism combined. A visible light source is normal, but it’s also boring. Hide the light source and introduce the wonderful concept of integrated lighting to your bathroom for an other-worldly feel.

  1. Voice-activated lights

Technology is a wonderful thing, so why not bring it into your bathroom? You can turn lights on or off by saying a command, and you can control the lights, shower and more with apps. This is perfect for those who want a modern bathroom, or people who keep a tight schedule. You can’t afford to waste time running back to check the lights, or waiting for the water to get hot. Automate your bathroom for a more time-efficient and convenient experience.


It’s a nice, big area that lends itself beautifully to designing. If you have a theme in mind, your countertop is the perfect place for highlighting it. So, what should the perfect bathroom countertop look like in 2020? We’ve been through many countertop trends – from stone to metal to glass, and here’s what we’re digging this year!

a closeup of a white marble vanity top with a white bowl sink sitting on top

  1. Exciting marble 

This is one of our favorite bathroom design trends in 2020. Leave plain old Carrera marble behind, and embrace unusual varieties such as Zebrino, Paonazzo, and Arabascato for a built-in highlight. You could even go with pink marble, for a soft yet unique look. Marble needs to be sealed every year or so, so make sure you find a reliable marble dealer near you who can do it.

  1. Artsy feel 

If you aren’t crazy about minimalism, go with an artsy look. Stone countertops, brushed brass fixtures, soft lights, framed mirrors, the whole shebang. Make your bathroom something to admire. Put thought and personality into every little piece, because the artwork is all about the details. The towels, the pattern on the frame, the curtain rings, the bath mat…everything’s part of it! A great trend for those who want to really immerse themselves into the design process.


The shower is one of the most important parts of the bathroom. Some people think of it as a functional item – just another fixture – but it’s so much more! An enclosed shower is an experience, and you can improve it heaps by designing the place well. Here’s what’s new:

a modern shower head with water coming out

  1. Water conservation 

Being eco-friendly is fashionable, and water-saving showers are all the rage now. They don’t necessarily feel different, so your luxurious hot showers will still be very relaxing. Then there’s the added benefit that they lower your water bill. You can also take longer showers, and feel less guilty about it!

  1. Linear drains 

For a clean, modern look, go with a gently sloped floor and a linear drain. They look minimalistic and urbane and are a pleasant change from the usual round drain. This is one of the coolest-looking bathroom trends in 2020. You really cannot overestimate how much a linear drain can change the look of your shower!

  1. Wall drain 

If you want to go one step further, you could have the shower’s water drain into a line at the base of a wall where a drain is installed. It creates a clean look, and the utilitarian, ever-present drain is pleasantly absent. If your shower is all straight lines and symmetry, this will fit right in.


Not very long ago, bathtubs were out of fashion. People felt they were unnecessary. Maybe they are, if your bathroom is utilitarian, but what if you want it to be luxurious and relaxing? A bathtub offers an opportunity to soak and relax, and to think – all while saving water! Here are the latest bathtub trends this year.

small bathroom showcasing a deep modern bathtub

  1. Deep tubs 

Bathtubs are in style now, but the old design is obsolete. Instead, people are preferring Japanese soaking tubs (or ofuro tubs), which take up less floor space and provide more depth, for a unique spa-like feeling. You can get them in modern designs, or you could get a traditional wood tub. It makes a nice accent!

  1. Black bathtub 

Bathtubs are usually white or gray, but a black bathtub brings something unexpected and exciting to the space. It also looks rather elegant, especially if paired with brass fixtures or lights. If you have a wood-theme bathroom or a bathroom with large windows, a black bathtub will look gorgeous in it. Have some appropriate lighting around the tub, so you don’t bump into it when it’s dark.

Colors, finishes, and patterns

Bathroom design is all about colors and finishes. If you substitute one color for another, you get a drastically different result. A green bathroom, for example, is just as monotone as a white one, but it’s neither minimalistic nor peaceful. Let’s take a look at some of the bathroom design trends in 2020, and how you can use colors and patterns to make your bathroom look great.

a full open bathroom with a modern and minimalist blue and white color tone

  1. Add drama with dark colors 

Use dark colors to introduce some drama to your bathroom. It gives the eye something to focus on, and makes a nice change from the bland minimalism that was popular in 2019. Minimalism is still great, but this is minimalism with a touch of extra. A black bathtub is a good choice, as is dramatic marble. You could also consider granite, for a rich look.

  1. Brass finish 

Add a splash of color and a touch of luxury to your bathroom with a brass finish. It works beautifully with white and black, so if you’ve had a plain (or minimalistic) bathroom and want to do an easy renovation, this is perfect for you! A brass mirror frame and a couple of light fixtures or highlights are all you need.

So this was our list of top bathroom design trends in 2020. If you want to design a stylish bathroom, make sure to incorporate one (or more) of these. Always remember – less is more! Subtlety is the key to a successful design. We hope you found this list helpful. Visit our blog for more bathroom design information, and for an updated list of trends next year!