How to choose the best curtains for your bathroom windows

If you want to change the look of your bathroom, changing your bathroom curtains is a great starting point. Curtains are easily replaceable, and you have lots of options to choose from in terms of colors, patterns, textures and more. For a small cost and tiny amount of effort, you’ll get a completely new look in the bathroom.

So in this article, we’ll go through bathroom window curtain designs, and what you should look for or avoid when choosing them. There is a lot more to it than just patterns and colors! So let’s get started.

What should the perfect bathroom curtains be like?

Let’s discuss what bathroom window curtains should ideally be like, in terms of material, color, texture and other factors.


In bathrooms you want a fairly “normal” material. It’s for the windows so it doesn’t have to be particularly tough or waterproof (unless the windows are right next to an open shower or you live in a humid area), and you don’t want flimsy fabric that’ll stick to the skin or look overly frilly either. So opt for something practical and washable which looks good.

Design and color

Many people like to have the curtains be patterned or brightly colored, since it’s the only place in their bathroom where they can get away with it. Bathroom fixtures and tiles are usually a very muted color, and bright, cheerful curtains can serve as a sunny highlight. However, depending on your tastes and preferences, that may not be the ideal look. Some people prefer a more muted, calm appearance, in which case a color like white, light grey, light blue or pale mint green might work well.

Textures and patterns

These depend entirely on your bathroom décor and stylistic preferences. You could go crazy with floral or tribal patterns, stick with good old stripes and zigzags, or keep it simple with a plain monotone curtain. Personally, I’d recommend avoiding both since they’d feel a little loud, but again, it’s completely a matter of preference. If you want an eccentric or rich feel, texture is your friend!


I would suggest short bathroom curtains that extend slightly beyond the window frame. This way, you’ll have privacy without the hassle of long curtains. Bathrooms tend to get wet, so having floor-length curtains would be a nightmare. The bottoms would get dirty incredibly easily, and washing the curtains too often could cause them to become threadbare and faded. Smaller curtains would also be easier to keep out of the way when you want to let some light in.

Bathroom window curtain ideas

Fail-proof lines

Stripes, zigzags, checks – these are fairly fail-proof. Trends come and go, but stripes are a staple when it comes to interior decoration. They’re versatile, simple, and they don’t distract from their surroundings. For bathroom curtains that look great without actually acting as a highlight, go with stripes. These are ideal if you want some design in the bathroom while still having a quiet look overall.

Don’t go overboard with the design, however. Play it safe with a print that has two or three colors, and a relatively simple pattern. You’ll end up with a dash of color that doesn’t fade into the background, while not catching the eye either.

The best thing yet? You can use the curtains anywhere else in the house as a highlight! That’s the beauty of stripes – they look good practically everywhere. Just make sure the colors match, and you’re all set!

Quiet monotone

For those of you who want a quiet look and prefer solid colors, a monotone curtain is a great idea. Keep things quiet by going with a soft color – light green, a gentle blue, pale yellow, off-white…you get the drift. The goal is to have some color in the bathroom without having the curtain be the center of attention.

Pastels work well in this aspect. They’re not particularly loud, and they are super lively and cheerful-looking. They’ll brighten up the space without being an eyesore. Bathrooms with a healthy balance of light and dark fixtures would look perfect with pastel curtains. So for example if you have a dark mirror frame or countertop with light floors and walls, pastel curtains are just the finishing touch you need!

Busy designs

Intricate patterns can be an eyeful. However, if you want to make a bold statement, have an eccentric design, or balance an otherwise somber-looking bathroom, they are your friends! The best thing about them is that you’ll find some wonderful patterns in flea markets for incredibly cheap prices. We recommend changing these relatively often before you start to get tired of the design (because busy patterns don’t as a rule work well in a bathroom), so you can grab a handful of them the next time you go deal-hunting.

Prints such as tribal designs, scenery, symmetric shapes, kaleidoscope-like imagery and other machine-generated patterns can introduce an element of quirkiness to the bathroom. They make great bathroom curtains, although as we mentioned earlier, you’re likely to get tired of them quickly, so keep a couple evergreen designs at hand to switch things up every couple months.

Flower power!

If you want a feminine feel in the bathroom (or just like flowers), go with a floral pattern. For gardening enthusiasts, florists or all us people who like their dainty prettiness, floral patterned curtains are perfect. I’d suggest a large pattern (so large flowers rather than small ones) so the design doesn’t feel too complicated, but go with your gut.

A floral curtain will bring a touch of softness to your bathroom, and with floral-scented soaps and room fresheners being so popular, the design definitely won’t seem out-of-place. You can stick with just flowers, or get a pattern that has flowers and some greenery. Personally, I think green looks fantastic in bathrooms – especially as a highlight.

The only issue I foresee here is that a floral curtain might fade into the background and lose its appeal quickly. It’d remind you of room fresheners, soaps and shampoo, and become less of a design element with time. To avoid that, try finding unconventional colors. Don’t go with pinks and oranges – instead, try gold, white and black.

Minimalist aesthetic

If you’re a minimalist or enjoy the look, opt for something simple and muted. White and grey are popular minimalist colors, but you can experiment with shades of blue and tan as well. In my opinion all pale colors are minimalistic, although some colors are more so than others. Choose something that matches your current décor, or go with good old white if you’re unsure.

If you want bathroom curtains that are minimalistic while adding a dash of style, go with semi-sheer curtains. They look chic, ethereal even, and will add some novelty to the space. If your bathroom is large, these will look luxe and take your bathroom’s look up several notches.

While sheer curtains are pretty, they might limit your privacy. Plus, you’ll be able to see the window frame and rod through them, which might spoil the effect a little. Semi-sheer perfectly walks the line between elegant and cheap, giving you your money’s worth.

Vibrant color

For curtains that catch the eye and give your bathroom personality, go for eye-popping reds and other basic colors. The top picks would be red, yellow, green or blue, but some others such as violet and orange work well, too. As long as it suits your personality and matches your home’s décor, it’s all good.

Unless you’re certain you want solid color and nothing else, however, we’d strongly recommend getting curtains with a barely-there pattern, a border with a different color, or even some texture. The reason is that ultra-bright colors like red tend to look a little cheap unless you’re careful with the design and pattern.

If your bathroom is predominantly white with steel fixtures, a blue or green curtain might work. I’d stick with colors with a greyish undertone so the contrast isn’t jarring, however. In bathrooms that have warmer shades, reds, oranges and shades of coral will look fantastic.

Fancy it up

If you want something that looks a little fancier and brings a touch of luxury to your bathroom, we’d suggest experimenting with tassels, curtain ties and other accessories. While colors and patterns definitely contribute to the overall effect, you can take things to the next level with some simple accessories.

If your bathroom’s color scheme permits it, we’d recommend gold for tassels. Nothing beats it. You’ll want the curtains to be slightly long if you’re pairing it with accessories, so make sure that won’t be a problem in terms of maintenance.

The curtain rod, too, plays a large part in the overall look. Imagine a rich red curtain with golden tassels…on a rusted iron rod. Major yikes. Choose a rod that complements the look you’re after. Rich, warm colors, for example, would work excellently with a copper or wood finish. Bright colors (or plain old silver) would be good enough for chirpy stripes and cheerful colors in the pink and blue family.