a master bedroom with windows and master bathroom in the far left

4 Fantastic Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

When remodeling the bathrooms in your home, the master bathroom is usually the one you’re most concerned about – and that’s how it should be! It’s the bathroom you use the most, so it makes sense to spend extra time and money in getting it looking perfect. Do you agree?

At Bathrooms Delight we’re all about bathroom remodeling ideas, new trends, and exciting things happening in the design industry (as you’ll see if you comb through our blog). Therefore we’re excited to share master bathroom ideas with you for your next project. Let’s put on our designer’s cap and get started!

Stunning master bathroom remodel ideas

Below are some of our top picks – pictures from around the internet that we simply adore. We’ll go through the key elements in each look, and tell you how you can get that look in your bathroom. Of course, feel free to tweak things as necessary for budget constraints and personal preferences.

a small white master bathroom style with darker cabinet colors

The picture above is one of our favorites. Done in white and gray, this bathroom looks peaceful and relaxing. Wouldn’t you love to sit in the bathtub and gaze out at the trees? It’s that sort of bathroom. Let’s go over the design elements, and how you can get them right in your home.

The walls, countertop, floors and fittings are in shades of gray, while the rest is in white. We recently wrote about gray bathrooms, in which we shared lots of ideas. The windows are large to let lots of light in, and the mirror directly opposite the window does a great job in making the space feel bright and airy. The use of glass in the shower partition helps too.

The bathroom has a semi-formal look, with the vanity and shower being fairly formal, and the bathtub, ladder towel rack and table adding a dash of casualness. It’s not overly dramatic, nor is it casual to the point of being boring. 

The fittings are simple and somewhat futuristic, with the faucet being angular. Bronze soap dispensers switch things up a little. The floors (possibly vinyl) look bleached and sandy, and combine tan and gray for a cool, mild look. The hint of brown and the trees outside bring a touch of warmth to the space.

If you want master bath ideas that aren’t over the top, try a variation of this bathroom!

A list of beautiful master bathroom designs isn’t complete without this entry! With carpet, ornate lamps and a large dresser, this bathroom looks super fancy. If you want a luxurious look with lots of texture, we really recommend this design! You’ll feel like royalty every time you step on the plush carpet, or take a seat before the dresser.

Worried carpet may be a bad choice for the bathroom? Don’t be! Given, carpet isn’t a popular flooring material in bathrooms (for obvious reasons), but if you want to create a comfy, cozy look, you can definitely use it. In the picture above, for instance, you can see bath mats have been placed before the shower door and beside the bathtub. Having plenty of air circulation in the bathroom should do the rest.

Let’s talk about texture. The patterned cabinet and vanity contribute a fair bit, as do the ornate lamps. Notice, however, that the texture has a definite theme of luxury. You’ll want to balance these out so the bathroom doesn’t feel ‘heavy’ on one end, but make sure you choose the textures on the other walls carefully.

A partitioned or closed section would be ideal for the toilet. If you want a second sink in the bathroom, you could repeat the elements used here, minus the vanity (two vanities might be overkill). 

The only things we’d change about this bathroom are the blinds and the chair. Curtains would work better with the current décor, in our opinion. You want something plush or lacey, with tassels and such for texture. Blinds seem minimalistic and modern, and don’t work with the rest of the décor, in our opinion. As for the chair, we’d suggest something more cozy-looking, that’s in black and/or cream, to match the color scheme. Or if you pick a highlight color for the accessories, you could use it on the chair. Make sure the chair’s cloth isn’t patterned because that general area is already rather busy. You’d find it difficult balancing the other wall out.

Small Master Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom in the photo below has some interesting contrast – from the floor pattern (subtle accents in the design and small hexagons – very 80’s-like), to the colors (black and white), and shapes. It’s a slightly eccentric, modern yet homey sort of bathroom. If you have a smallish space and want to make it interesting, this is one of the best master bathroom ideas out there.

the inside of a mostly white small master bathroom with dark shower curtain

Let’s go over the key elements involved in this design. One, as we mentioned above, is the contrast. The texture is another one. The texture in this bathroom is very subtle – the lightly textured cabinets, the hexagonal mosaic tiles with small grout lines, the fish scale pattern on the shower wall… The good news is that in an eccentric look, you have a lot of freedom to play with different items. Just make sure you don’t go overboard, or you’ll go past eccentric and into ‘tacky’ territory.

We also love how it blends modern with a rustic, farmhouse style. The shower area, with its tiles and glass, is super modern. Add a rain shower to complete the look. The cabinets and black fixtures on the outside are very farmhouse-style and keep the bathroom from looking too cold. The black handles, mirror frames, and lamps work beautifully with the white cabinets for a subtle farmhouse-type look.

Turn your bathroom into a piece of art, with this design. It uses a lot of stone, has lots of space, and singles out the bathtub as the centerpiece of the bathroom. While the bathtub itself is quite plain, its presentation is what turns it into an eye-grabbing work of art.

You don’t have to duplicate this exact design; you can make changes to it. The main elements are space, light, singling out one item for the highlight, having a structural element (the wall, in this case), and a couple well-chosen pieces that highlight it (the painting, bath mat and fancy lights, for example).

If you want master bathroom decorating ideas on a budget, just substitute stone for marble tile. It’s tile with a marble pattern. It’ll look the same, and it’ll be a lot more affordable. In fact, this bathroom possibly uses marble tile as well, since the ‘slabs’ are rather small in size.

The doors add to the drama of this bathroom, by opening onto the scene. A single door or even a doorless shower wouldn’t have as good an effect, although it is generally more convenient and practical.

The bathroom fittings are minimal, and the toilet, sink and shower, we assume, are off to each side of the door – possibly on the same wall. The shower can be an open one to save space, and the sink can be fairly compact. Not only will it not come in the way, but it’ll also look muted and minimalistic, thus letting your centerpiece shine.

So these were some of our favorite master bathroom ideas. We hope they help you decorate your master bathroom. For more, go through our archives, where you’ll find budget remodel ideas, minimalistic ideas, faucet buying guides, layout guides, cabinet guides and so much more.